Earthclan Elite's New Web Site

Although Earthclan Elite's new Web Site is up (and you're on it), you will note that not all pages and links are functional yet.

Moving forward, Doctor Vivian will be continuing to build out the remaining sections of the Web Site, until all pages and links are up and running.

As this ongoing development takes place, this front page of the site will be constantly updated with news and event notices. If it's happening, it will be shown here! As each new section of the Web Site is brought live, it will be announced here. Live links will be be highlighted and underlined. Links that are not yet up will be greyed out.

At the moment, the Forums and Feedback sections are not yet online, so please submit any suggestions or feedback you may have regarding the Web Site in-game to either @Doctor Vivian or @Kinimp3.

The End of the World

As we all know, NCsoft, after a terrible financial quarter that saw them lose $6 million dollars, has chosen to shut down City of Heroes on November 30, 2012.

While this is a sad day indeed, what we all accomplished -- becoming the top-ranked SuperGroup on Guardian as a result of all of our years spent together, fighting the forces of evil -- is an accomplishment that everyone should look back on with pride.

While the CoX servers will go offline, the Earthclan Elite Web Site and Forums will remain for at least the next few years -- a place for us all to visit, chat, reminisce, share screenshots and great stories!

And, who knows? Perhaps, if we can find another MMO of suitable quality and flavor, the heroes of Earthclan Elite may find a new home!

Earthclan Elite Reserves

The Earthclan Elite Reserves (EER) is an SG that was created to serve as a repository for relatively inactive toons, usually only pulled out by members of our SG for the occasional Task Force or Trial.

As a Coalitioned SG, it has full access to the main SG base, all Telepads, etc. To keep as many slots open for active members as possible, keep your Main Toon in the Main SG, and the others in Reserve!

Base Cam